Terms and Conditions


1.1. Veardi is the commercial name of the team of independent professionals, joint venture without legal personality, consisting of:

Gullbrand Arvid Rune Individual Enterprise, based in Cluj-Napoca, 22/30 Poet Grigore Alexandrescu St., Cluj county, Romania, CUI. 35902677, No. Reg. Com. F12/361/2016, EUID ROONRC.F12/361/2016, represented by Arvid Gullbrand, as holder, and

Băetică Gabriela Andreea Individual Enterprise, based in Cluj-Napoca, 29B/4 Șerpuitoare St., Cluj county, Romania, CUI 47387745, No. Reg. Com. F12/2156/2022, EUID ROONRC.F12/2156/2022, represented by Gabriela Băetica, as holder, and

Miroțoi Irina Individual Enterprise, based in Floreşti, Floreşti Commune, 7B/14 Răzoare St., Cluj County, Romania, CUI 49663189, No. Reg. Com. F12/245/2024, EUID ROONRC.F12/245/2024, represented by Irina Miroțoi, as holder.

1.2. Provider – the legal entities listed in point 1.1

1.3. Customer – any natural person over 18 years of age or legal entity

1.4. Website – the presentation page with the web address www.veardi.ro and its subdomains, property of Gullbrand Arvid Rune Individual Enterprise

1.5. Order – an electronic document that acts as a form of communication between the Provider and the Client through which the Client conveys to the Provider his intention to purchase Services

1.6. Services – any service ordered by the Customer, part of the Veardi’s offer

1.7. Requested service – that service for which the Customer expresses his intention to purchase it

1.8. Planned Service – that service for which the Customer has agreed with the Provider to purchase it

1.9. Documentation / Complete documentation – the set of documents required from the Client in order to provide the services

1.10. Contact person – the person designated by one party for contact with the other

1.11. EU Login, SAAS and CPNP electronic accounts – virtual space within europa.eu managed by the EU institutions, intended for notifications of cosmetic products


2.1. By registering an Order, the Customer agrees to the form of communication (telephone, e-mail, cloud) through which the Provider carries out its commercial operations.

2.2. The notification received by the Customer, after placing the Order, respectively the order slip, has the role of information and represents the acceptance of the Order. This notification is made electronically by e-mail.

2.3. For justified reasons, the Provider may change the quantity of the Services in the Order. If it changes the amount of Services in the Order, it will notify the Customer at the e-mail address or telephone number of the contact person.


3.1. The object of the contract is the provision of professional services related to the introduction of cosmetic products on the European market, respectively, but not limited to and always within the competences and abilities of the Provider and associated or subcontracted partners:

drawing up a product file (PIF – Product Information File)

preparation of cosmetic product evaluation reports (CPSR – Cosmetic Product Safety Report)

creation of EU Login, SAAS and CPNP electronic accounts on behalf of the Client

accessing accounts in order to carry out cosmetic product notification operations

pre-evaluation of cosmetic formulas to determine and verify safety margins

drafting or revising the texts of cosmetic product labels

configuration / reconfiguration of cosmetic formulas

other services related to the previous ones.

3.2. General organization of the Provider in order to provide the services:

a) receiving the request

b) pre-configuring the services and establishing the list of necessary documentation

c) transmission of the tariff offer related to the requested services

d) service planning

e) sending the order form for the planned services

f) receiving the documentation

g) issuing the invoice related to the planned services when the documentation is put into operation

h) provision of services

i) delivery of prepared documents – where appropriate.

3.3. The list of complete documentation required from the Client for the provision of services will be communicated to the Client specifically for the requested services.

3.4. The Provider’s availability for the provision of services is from Monday to Friday, with the exception of public holidays (related to Romanian legislation) and announced rest / holidays, through the means of contact mentioned in the Contact page of the website https://veardi.ro/contact/ and https://veardi.ro/en/contact-en/

3.5. The Provider will schedule the provision of services in agreement with the Client.

3.6. The activity is to be carried out primarily remotely by electronic means.

3.7. Documents are issued, at the Client’s choice, in Romanian (RO), English (EN) or Spanish (ES).


4.1. The contract will have the term specified in the order form, on the condition that the Provider receives from the Client, the complete documentation within 5 working days from the issuance of the form and the payment of the invoice within the due date.

4.2. The deadline will be extended by the gap period from the deadlines in point 4.1 until the receipt of the complete documentation and, respectively, the payment of the invoice.

4.3. The contract is considered completed between the Provider and the Client at the moment the Client receives from the Provider, by electronic means, the notification of dispatch of the Order.


5.1. The rates for the provision of services will be notified in writing through the service offer.

5.2. Invoicing will be made upon receipt of complete documentation, based on the activity plan agreed with the Client.

5.3. Invoicing is de facto carried out in RON (Romanian New Leu), but can be operated in another currency from the European Union, respectively: EUR, BGN, CZK, DKK, HUF, PLN and SEK, as an option of the Client notified to the Provider.

5.4. The Client will make the payment within 5 working days or otherwise agreed by maturity, always by bank transfer to the provider’s bank account mentioned in the invoice.


6.1. The provider is responsible:

• to carry out the relationship with the Client in good faith;

provide the planned services within the agreed term;

to draw up the requested / planned documents according to the provisions of the normative acts in force and to respond to the requests regarding them;

to issue the order form and the invoice for payment;

to use reasonably and only for the purpose decided in agreement with the Client, all documents, access credentials, goods and premises of the Client;

to keep the professional secret of the Client and to ensure that the information, documents, access credentials held about his activity are completely safe, in strict accordance with the Privacy Policy available at the web address https://veardi.ro/politica-de-confidentialitate/ and https://veardi.ro/en/privacy-policy-en/ – as a non-disclosure agreement.

6.2. The customer is responsible:

• to conduct the relationship with the Provider in good faith;

to request appointments from the Provider for the provision of services;

to pay the Provider the amounts for the requested / planned services;

to ensure the Provider access to the information, documents, goods and space held for the performance of the activity;

to submit the complete documentation necessary to draw up the requested documents;

designate a contact person in the relationship with Veardi.


7.1. The contract terminates under the following conditions:

a) as per art. 4.3;

b) by agreement of the parties;

c) by law, for non-fulfillment of contractual clauses;

d) caused by force majeure.


8.1. None of the contracting parties is responsible for the non-execution on time and/or for the improper execution – in whole or in part – of any obligation falling under this contract, if the non-execution or improper execution of the respective obligation was caused by force majeure, as as defined by law.

8.2. The party invoking force majeure is obliged to notify the other party within 60 days of the occurrence of the event and to take all possible measures to limit its consequences.

8.3. If, within 90 days of its occurrence, the respective event does not cease, the parties have the right to notify the full termination of this contract without any of them claiming damages.


9.1. The parties have agreed that all disputes regarding this contract will be resolved amicably by their representatives.

9.2. If it is not possible to resolve disputes amicably, the parties will address the competent courts.

9.3. Restricting access to the information / work platforms or not handing over the necessary documents related to the good performance of the Provider’s activity, as provided for in the legislation in force, does not constitute litigation and does not exempt the Client from payment of partially / incompletely provided services.


10.1. The modification of this document, respectively of the Terms and Conditions, is carried out unilaterally, without any notice, and is communicated to the Client for whom there are ongoing activities through the contact person.

10.2. This document, together with the Privacy Policy, forms the framework contract for services.

10.3. The framework contract enters into force and is accepted by the Client from the date of planning the services and represents the will of the parties.

10.4. Any other agreement between the parties will be supplemented by an annex.

10.5. If the parties breach their obligations, the non-exercise by the party that suffers any damage of the right to demand the exact execution or monetary equivalent of the respective obligation does not mean that it has waived this right.

T&C v_2.0_EN / 02.03.2024